full name eleanor jean powell nicknames el, ellie date of birth december 30, 1986 hometown dobbs ferry, ny residence dobbs ferry occupation drama teacher @ SHHS status eh

   Eleanor Jean was the bundle of joy that her parents had prayed for and it had felt as though the Powell's had been praying for an eternity. Maybe if they had an inkling as to what their future would hold, they probably would have waited for at least an eternity and maybe one more year after that. Ellie proved to be quite the handful on the first (and only) time parents. As soon as she learned how to walk, she was running. When she was running, she always wanted to find a way to fly. At the age of seven, her mother took her to the doctor to find out what could have been wrong and he suggested ADHD. For short while, they had their daughter on medication but they took her off of it after seeing what it was doing to her. Eleanor didn't have ADHD, she was just naturally curious - if there ever was an extreme case of it.

Because freedom was something that she grew up to hold dear, it wasn't uncommon for Eleanor to act older. She wanted to prove to her parents that she was capable of conducting herself in a mature manner, that she was also trustworthy. Needless to say, slumber parties, study sessions, and things like that were always at her house because she never had that desire to break their trust. Some friends tried to get her to sway to the dark side but Eleanor never dreamed of it.

In high school, she dated her best friend () for the biggest majority of it. Cutest couple? They got that superlative hands down. Even though she was considered a child in the eyes of society, she was certain that the two of them would be together forever. It was true love and no one would ever tell her otherwise. People tried, insisting that they were too young to be so serious but she loved him. He was her first everything and that included first heartbreak. Now, it wasn't a matter of things ending terribly, the two of them put their heads together and used common sense. To this day, he proves to be a major pillar in her life and she can't fathom the idea of not ever having him around.

The very first part of college became a task of self exploration after high school. She wanted to find out who she was again outside of being in a relationship and Eleanor dove into a little bit of everything. From the very depths of her heart, she knew that she wanted to go into education to help sculpt young minds but she also wanted to live a little at first. Liberal arts was the best thing for her and she went back to school as undeclared. Having such a vast interest (and the grades) is what landed her a trip to Europe in order to study abroad. The program was twelve weeks and those were the most glorious twelve weeks of her life. It was then she even met Rainier, a fellow student that was quick to become a close friend. Photographs from this excursion line a single wall in her apartment.

Now, at the age of twenty-nine, Ellie has settled into her rightful calling as an educator. She has been working at SHHS for nearly three years and she hasn't looked back. As far as she is concerned, she is exactly where life needed her to be, teaching people how to be dramatic in all of the right ways.
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    random facts
  • Her first name comes from her paternal grandmother and her middle name comes from an old friend of her mother's.

  • The Strokes are her favorite band. Ever.

  • Bright oranges and yellow make her sick if they are the major primaries in a color scheme.

  • The reason why Ellie teaches drama is because she can't sing to save her life. She adores musicals and would love to be a part of them but it's just not in the stars for her. However, she's definitely content with the path her career has taken her... even if she does deal with teenagers eight hours a day, five days a week.

  • Will often help out with show choir as far as chereography and their costumes go. She's a wicked seamstress.

  • can tap and jazz dance and has been doing so for twenty years.

  • Playing the piano was not an easy task for her. When she was a kid, she hated the lessons but found it necessary to learn as an adult. With the ability to read music and what little bit of knowledge she had from growing up, Eleanor honed her pianist skills. It took a while to do it.

  • She might hiss at anyone that asks if she has a soul.

  • Purple is the best color in the world.

  • Someday, it would be a dream come true to be a playwright that is recognized on Broadway.

  • It's not a secret she's a nerd and it's also not a secret that she participates in RenFairs, conventions, and all sorts of things. Chances are, if she can wear a costume, Ellie is there.

  • Owns and drives a Mini Cooper called T. It's a dark blue color.

  • Wants to own a pet but that won't happen until her landlord says so... In other words, she will have to move out first.

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